Automated Residential Gates

Enjoy the convenience of coming home to an automated gate.

You’ll be able to stay in the comfort and safety of your car when it’s a Suburban Automated Gate at the entrance to your driveway. You’ll enjoy both convenience and security in a design that complements your home and your neighbourhood.

We handle all the details including design, fabrication and installation. And after it’s fully installed and tested, we’re the experts to trust to maintain it so it continues to work perfectly for generations to come.


When it comes to the design of your gate, there are no limits to what you can do.

Our talented team of designers can think as big because the highly trained craftsmen behind them are able to fabricate to any specifications.  You can choose gates that are double swing, single swing or slide and the result will always be something you’re proud to come home to.

We take great care with every part of your  Suburban Fence.

We leave no part of our fencing systems to chance and can include the best remote transmitters, free-exist loops, keypad entry, telephone entry and security cameras into your project. If you want to go futuristic, we are experts at biometric scanners.