Wood Fences

What Clients Say About Us!

"The fence looks great, your installers were professionals and I will recommend Suburban Fence to all my friends and neighbors."
- Marcel



Our warranty will cover the structure of the fence such as post footings moving, panels becoming unattached, gates not latching properly for a period of 2 years.

Excluded from this warranty is vandalism, vehicular damage, storm damage, swinging on the gate and normal wear & tear. Wood fence components (fence boards, posts and rails) will weather over time and may possibly produce cracks, splits, warping, and shrinkage. No warranty is offered or implied against these conditions.


Gates require regular maintenance to remain functional. Suburban Fence will build our gates to perform for many years but any abuse or misuse will cause the gate to fail. Misuse and abuse can be defined as allowing the wind to push the gate, slamming the gate open or closed, children stepping on or riding the gate and holding the gates open for long periods of time.

Maintenance Contract

For a nominal fee Suburban Fence will maintain the functionality, structure and appearance of your wood fence. Please contact us to provide you with a Maintenance Contract Quote.