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"Kudos to the team at Suburban Fence. They showed professionalism from start to finish. The quote was on time, the crew was polite and everyone showed attention to detail. They removed my old fence, constructed a new one and left the site clean and tidy. Excellent work all around."
- P Knight



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The wood fence collection includes a selection of styles including: full privacy, medical semi privacy and decorative fences

Along with these popular fence styles, healing we also offer fully customized fences as well!

All styles come in a variety of heights, buy with 6ft being the most common for privacy and semi private designs. Decorative fences usually range from 3’ft – 5’ft high

Our most common designs are:

The Regal –The boards over lap on top of each other on one side of the rail to offer full privacy

The Estate – The boards are on each side of the rail and commonly known as “good neighbour fence” or “board on board” and offer some privacy but can be seen through on an angle

The Jasper - The boards are place side by side of the rail to offer full privacy, also known as board one side

The Horizon – The boards are placed horizontal to the grade offer a unique look and may be built as a full privacy or with gaps to offer a semi private fence

Each of the above style are related to the boarding pattern and other tops or designs can be added to change the appearance of the fence such as lattice, I beams, scallops or iron lattice.

Posts are another major consideration depending on the height and wind restriction of the board pattern the most common used posts are 4x4 and 6x6. The 6x6 post offer a greater structural fence and will last longer due to the size, we highly recommend the 6x6 posts for all gates

  • The Regal
    Full privacy board and batten wood fence in Oakville
  • The Estate
    Full privacy good neighbour wood fence with lattice in Burlington
  • The Jasper
    Full privacy wood fence with iron lattice in Burlington
  • The Horizon
    Full privacy contemporary wood fence in Oakville

All of our wood fences are available in standard pressure treated, pre-stained pressure treated and in cedar.



We offer a wide variety of post caps to customize the look of your fence.


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