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What Clients Say About Us!

"We had a job that required integrating a bamboo, wood and chainlink fence, including a gateway and arbour. The final solution that was produced was far better than expected. We were thrilled with the final design and it has enhanced our home and property greatly."
- Geoff Burg



Buying a wood fence should be a good experience!

A fence should last 25 -30 years if installed properly. Make the right choice and choose Suburban Fence. We will install your fence without taking shortcuts to ensure that you have a long lasting wood fence that is built right.

As with any fence, the most important and foundational component is the post. You can choose between a 4×4 post and a 6×6 post; however the difference between them is night and day. Based on structure, the 4×4 posts may shake and wobble whereas the 6×6 posts are firm and strong. During our professional consultation, we will provide you with our option on which posts you should use – based on the fence location, tree blockage, wind load area, and fence design.

Most of our competition will try to compromise the materials used to make the fence cheaper, but we will educate you on the differences and let you decide based on an informed decision.

For instance, at Suburban, we connect the rails to the posts properly and to the standards of the Ontario Building Code. We do not use brackets instead we use a direct connection. We also use the correct amount of nails to secure the fence together- for each 1 1/2" of lumber a nail is used and positioned properly to ensure a good connection. This is important especially with pressure treated lumber, which is typically wet and will shrink and warp when the lumber dries out. A proper nailing pattern will help to keep the fence looking good and ensure the longevity of the installation.

Remember "Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good." – Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins

A typical installation:

An installation diagram of a typical Regal wood fence.

Fence Gallery

We have installed many wood fences. If you are looking for design ideas for wood fences and gates, browse our galleries!





Fence Details

There are customizing options to fit your individual needs: Options on following grade as well as on wood fence accents.

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Expert Tips

Call Before You Dig

Suburban Fence will always call Ontario One Call and all other relevant utility companies to have
utilities lines marked prior to digging any holes. This is very important for the safety of you and our employees.