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Buying a vinyl fence is a great expense. Installing a vinyl fence is relatively easy to do, however you cannot take any short cuts.

As with any fence, the most important and foundational component is the post. You can choose to have the internal 2-3/8? OD steel post set in concrete or pounded into the ground 48? (most common). Most of our competition will use only a 1-7/8? OD post and only offer the pounded method of installation; our installation best practices guarantees that the fence’s foundation is more solid.

We do not use brackets or channels to connect our fence panels to the posts. Our vinyl posts are routered to accept the horizontal rails. This is the strongest possible connection for a vinyl fence. No brackets/channels to fail.

A typical installation:

An installation diagram of a typical vinyl fence.

Fence Gallery

We have installed many vinyl fences, if you are looking for design ideas for vinyl fences and gate, browse our galleries!

Expert Tips

Call Before You Dig

Suburban Fence will always call Ontario One Call and all other relevant utility companies to have utilities lines marked prior to digging any holes. This is very important for the safety of you and our employees.