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What Clients Say About Us!

"We had a job that required integrating a bamboo, wood and chainlink fence, including a gateway and arbour. The final solution that was produced was far better than expected. We were thrilled with the final design and it has enhanced our home and property greatly."
- Geoff Burg


Automated Gate Assembly Certified Installers

Most Automated Gates Assemblies are not only noncompliant – some are potentially lethal.

  • Automated Gate Assemblies are extremely dangerous if not designed and installed correctly.
  • Most designers and installers are unaware of the safety standards and therefore rarely do Automated Gate Assemblies meet the Safety Standards.

Suburban will act as consultants for engineers, designers and installers to ensure that all new Automated Gate Assemblies are compliant and safe.

We also design and install Automated Gate Assemblies. We working directly with clients to ensure not only Safety Standard compliance but also that the Automated Gate Assembly meets the client’s need.

Suburban will:

Help you determine your Access Control system requirements.

Discuss all safety systems to not only ensure compliance but meet all of your personal safety requirements.

Discuss and help with your security needs now and help you plan for the future to make sure the system integrates seamlessly now and in the future.

Provide you with customised solutions for all residential, industrial and commercial needs.

We will design and install any system that is needed for any application.

  • High cycle systems.
  • Traffic and parking solutions.
  • Maximum security situations including Sally Port entrance control systems.
  • Design systems for Utility companies, hospitals, police, border patrol and the military.

Suburban has certified installers for the Hy Security line of operators including the Strong arm M30.

We also service and install Arma Gates!

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Gate Audit

Have an existing gate? Have one of our certified gate technicians visit and perform an Automated Gate Assembly Safety Audit to determine your gates compliance to industry standards.

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